Welcome to Spray Tan #2015.. Also known as our Celebrity Spray Tan

Instant gratification is ideal but wouldn’t it better if your spray tan looked more natural, didn’t smell terrible and didn’t fade away in a patchy skin shedding manner?

Spray Tan #2015 is the the IPhone 6 to the Motorola Flip Phone. The advancements we are talking revolutionize the way we spray tan. Spray tans no longer consist of just a bronzing solution. Every spray tan you get from now on should include a Prep Spray and a Moisturizing Spray- AT LEAST. Three solutions should be your new basic spray tan.

Above three solutions is basic contouring to advanced, topped off with a drying powder; below three solutions would be the basic bronzer…. and we all know how that turns out.

A little about my own personal spray tan ritual before I overload you with information. I probably rely a bit too much on the pH balancer due to my nature of being extremely lazy. I definitely use a Sunless Exfoliator to help evenly remove my last spray tan but aside from that I roll in untanned, and roll out soon to be tanned. Ideally you are not supposed to spray over top of another spray tan but I have really good luck with the exfoliator and then the pH balancer before the bronzer.

Oh I also use the Exfoliator wipe to remove any deodorant, makeup, perfume or any other products I have applied in the past 24 hours. We supply these with every spray tan so they probably assist with my ability to be the laziest spray tanner. If they aren’t supplied with your spray tan make sure you ask. Most tanning salons have them you may just need to pay for them.

Alright so I’m going to do my best to provide as much information as possible about Spray Tan #2015 without completely overwhelming you or boring you. If you have any feedback about what would make this information easier to receive please email me at kerri@cocoatanning.ca. I would love to hear from you!

Ok here we go..

A primer or pH balancer is used to put simply- balance the pH level of your skin. The skin has a thin layer comprised of sweat and oily/waxy matter to help lubricate. The acidic property of this layer is the skins natural way to fight bacteria growth. Products should not aim to alter the skins natural pH balance but rather prepare a clean and even tanning surface. If you come across a product that has a high alkaline level (used to adjust Natural pH level) be aware that it can cause irritation and dryness for some skin types.

What does a properly balanced pH level mean for a spray tan? A few different things actually. One of the most important results is a more golden-brown result instead of “fake or orange” result. This is done by increasing the absorption and dispersing the natural oils. Next, the primer or pH balancer dramatically decreases patchiness during the fading process. This is LIFE CHANGING.

Fading will still happen but with the gradual fade in colour rather than some parts of your neck being golden and some parts being white. Embarrassment level decreases substantially during the fading process AND your even colour lasts longer! The primer will also smooth over dryer areas like elbows and knees.

The second part of Spray Tan #2015 is our beloved Bronzer. The bronzer you want is quick drying and streak free. Make sure you ask about how to get a flawless result on your hands. This is super important. Each spray tan tech and salon will give different advice but you MUST inquire and you MUST follow the suggested steps. Dihydroxyacetone or DHA (main bronzing ingredient) loves dryer areas of the body. This is why our hands will always turn out darker if proper steps aren’t taken. Our hands are usually dryer for a few reasons, one is that we wash them about 10x more often than the rest of our bodies and two is that our hands tend to be a lot more exposed to the outdoor conditions compared to say our thighs.

If there is anything you take from this blog post it should be to ask about how to get perfect hands. Have the conversation.

We are on the home stretch now! Yay!

The third solution in Spray Tan #2015 is a moisturizer or super hydrating treatment. This solution is packed full with skin soothing botanicals, green tea extracts and soy proteins. These ingredients will not only smooth fine lines and replenish your skins vital ingredients but will extend the life of your tan by up to three days! This advancement is by far my favourite. Now we have a spray tan that fades evenly AND lasts about 5 days. Your skin will be smooth, hydrated and golden brown in colour..AKA.. THE PERFECT SPRAY TAN.

You will notice I didn’t touch much on exfoliation or properly prepping your skin for a spray tan. This is definitely beneficial. I highly recommend a Sunless Exfoliator or Body Wash before your spray tan. I could really go on and on about how to achieve the best spray tan but thought I should stick to what is the new spray tan itself rather than how to get the best results over all.

To sum things up, your spray tan should always consist of at least, three different solutions. If you continue to get spray tans that are just one solution, you are still using a flip phone, while the rest of us have well, moved on. If you haven’t tried a three solution spray tan you definitely should, your life will be forever changed.

Don’t worry if you are a little nervous about it, we can easily spend upwards to an hour with a first time spray tanner. If you have a desire to be bronzed, we will take care of the rest 🙂

Again, if you have any questions at all or love love love spray tan I would enjoy hearing from you! Email me at kerri@cocoatanning.ca