Confidence behind your smile is a must and luckily to restore your smile to its original resilience is quick and comfortable.

The first time I booked an appointment to get my teeth whitened I knew they were discoloured. I am a 2-6 cup a day coffee drinker and had never taken the time to do any sort of whitening. That’s actually not completely true, I did buy the $5 tooth paste over the $0.79 one every other time. There, my part was done.

I wasn’t that person who bought Crest Whitestrips or paid a fortune at the dentist to get my teeth lasered, I had not even considered it. I was that person who thought my teeth were fine just the way they were, and when it came right down to it, sure they were fine.

Now, a year and a half later, 3 full Aurawhite treatments (60 minutes every 6 months), wow, has my smile improved. In fact, not only my smile has improved but my entire look has changed. I hadn’t realized that white teeth was that missing piece to a polished style.

Looking back now I am slightly embarrassed to have neglected such an important part of taking care of myself and will stick with the newly confident me.

Here is the process that warranted me my beautiful smile.

Aurawhite Teeth Whitening is perfect for many reasons, firstly, it’s super comfortable. Its pain free and many people fall asleep during the process. It is a gel painted onto the teeth and then a uv light is used to lift the stains. It is done in 20 minute intervals so it helps that you can rinse in between.

The 20 minute treatment is more of a touch up so I didn’t see too much results after 20 but there was definitely a change. The second 20 minutes showed amazing results for me! Instantly a brighter, whiter smile! Yes! The last 20 minutes was a small change again but really, fabulous results.

The price is very reasonable especially if you book your appointment on a Monday!

Mondays all levels (20min, 40min, 60min) is $110

Otherwise 20 mins is $110, 40 mins is $150 and 60 mins is $190

Once you start removing the stains you should have to go for less time. I will probably only do a 20 minute touch up for my next one.

You can call in to book (604 899 7989) or email ( for an appointment or if you have any questions at all.