Uh oh.. Valentines is here…

If your New Year’s Resolution to get in shape started late or fell to the way side don’t you worry, a few tans or a spray tan can disguise thighs, love handles, and that muffin top that is still hanging out from the holidays. If you can’t tone it TAN it!

The best part about this years Valentines is that it falls on a Saturday night. You will never find a night more worthy of looking your best, wearing as little as possible and planning for a long long night.

If your tanned bod is still not up to par use the infrared sauna 2-3 times to drop that extra layer of water and toxins and beef up your strength. Your hips will be slimmer, your abs more toned and that pesky outer layer will take a much needed vacation.

If you have a desired look that you are note quite sure how to achieve give us a quick call and we can help you out. Simple tricks make all the difference.