Use Spray Tan to Enhance Your Summer Sheen

If you’ve spent all summer behind a desk instead of surfing the waves at the beach, you’re definitely missing that just sun-kissed glow. To enhance your summer shine, you need a beautiful all-over spray tan that can be accomplished in mere minutes. And the best part? Spray tans have come a really long way since they first hit the scenes decades ago.

Today’s professional spray tan doesn’t leave your skin orangey and you don’t need to worry about it fading onto your bed sheets. It’s perfect for evening out your skin tone, hiding skin imperfections and helping you reach a deep, dark color.

Our new Cocoa Tanning option is applied in a clear coat and you can shower as early as one hour after your application. Spray tans now last for a week and are made to fade evenly, not patchy like in years past.

The only step you need to take to keep your spray tan looking fierce is to drink water before and after so your skin can stay nice and hydrated and give a smooth surface for application.

Still curious if spray tans are right for you? Look to the red carpet for inspiration. There’s been a steady rise in the amount of actors and actresses who use spray tans before a big appearance.