Valentines is coming……

If there is any night you want to plan ahead for.. it’s this one…

The one night a year that is all about playful, fun, love making from PM to AM and then.. if we play our cards right….PM again…. Get set for an evening of strawberries, champagne and some ooo ooo ahhhh.

Whether your evening entails a sexy night in or out on the town, sultry eyes are a must. Because we are all hoping dinner will turn into more, a 24 hour look is crucial this year.

We’ve all felt the repercussions of a temporary tanning lotion purchased at Shoppers or had our done up eyes melt down our faces before the second course is served. Well ladies, we have graduated from the smelly self-tanner and creased eye shadow; welcome to a flawless spray tan, perfectly primed eyes and eyelash extensions.


Valentine’s Day Special

Celebrity Level Spray Tan
Eyebrow Shaping
Makeup Application*


*Upgrade to Lash Extensions – Add $65

Start off with the key to any great look – an impeccable eyebrow shaping. Let those beautiful brows grow in a bit before your appointment for best results!

A Celebrity Level Spray Tan ($40 reg. price or $20 on Tuesdays) is Vancouver’s best spray tan. We are committed to delivering flawless results that last alllll night long (and then for up to 5 days).

For the ladies that own the world- A full makeup application ($79 reg. price or $35 on Fridays) from an expert Makeup Artist. Prepare to be transformed, and stay transformed until well well after dessert.

Last but, CERTAINLY not least – Upgrade your Valentine’s Day package to include a full set of Faux Mink Lash Extensions. Your new lashes will put the drama in dramatic, be prepared to captivate any one of your choosing.