Most of us ladies have been getting our brows waxed or threaded since we were teenagers, the upper lip came a bit later but we would never again go with untamed facial hair. Now in our adult years the hair line, chin and side burns may need a cleanup now and again. It is important we don’t leave this very important step out of our beauty routine. Keep in mind our face is our most important beauty asset, a flawless brow and tidy hair line can turn a blah pajama day into a flirty “oops you caught me in my onesie day ;)”

Let’s not leave the Gentlemen out of this discussion. Gentlemen- if you have never had your eyebrows cleaned up.. it’s time to start. Ever seen an older man with eyebrows out the wazoo? Chances are you are about ¾ of the way there right now….

Here’s how to maintain a clean and natural look

  1. Tint Brows and Lashes (depends on hair colour)
  2. Thread brows to flawlessly frame face
  3. Thread upper lip to remove any fuzzies (we all know they are there)
  4. Tidy up Hair Line
  5. Clean up Chin and Side Burns

If you have any questions about what look is right for you or need a little extra advice feel free to stop into our Yaletown location for a consultation.

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