Make sure you have your base tan for your upcoming vacation!

Trading Vancouver’s rainy days for some R & R on a beach somewhere can be life changing. It offers not only an escape from a dreary winter but a chance to explore, let loose and rejuvenate the real you. After your plane ticket of course, your first step should be getting your base tan going.

Depending on your skin type this can take anywhere from two weeks to two months. We want to start your tan times low and build up slowly from there. Keep in mind your tan times should always be half the time it would take to see any redness. This means your current tan time may need to be adjusted to fit this.

Whether you are on the water surfing, on the beach reading or purely soaking up the rays, your time on the beach cannot be comprised. A base tan paired with proper SPF can ensure you spend your entire vacation doing exactly what you want.