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Our Tanning Beds

At Cocoa Tanning we carry a range of tanning beds from the Epic and the Envy collection engineered with revolutionary e3 technology incorporating eco-friendly lamps, ergonomic elements and energy saving principles as well as a state of the art Infrared Carbon Sauna. Bring your mp3 player and plug into one of our beds or the sauna. Enjoy a deep, rich, exotic tan or a soothing sauna experience while you listen to your favorite songs.

  • Bronze Level
    Max 20 Minutes
    Envy 134

  • Silver Level
    Max 15 Minutes
    Envy 234

  • Gold Level
    Max 12 Minutes
    Epic 442

  • Diamond Level
    Max 9 Minutes
    Solarforce 652V

  • Infrared Carbon Sauna
    30 Minute Sessions
    Golden Designs 6106